The young brain is different.

The young brain is HIGHLY influenced by environment.

Success is NOT by chance...but by design.

Adams Educational Consulting (AEC) is your 21st Century professional development solution designed to empower those in education, athletics, and the corporate world, with Maslow (social-emotional-relational) and Bloom (critical thinking) strategies. 

AEC provides research-based training and coaching in best practices that develop the cognitive capacity that skyrockets success in the classroom, boardroom, playing field or court!

We have helped hundreds of thousands around the world develop the competence, confidence, compassion, and creative, critical thinking skills that leaders of all ages need to succeed.

Whether you are in need of a one-hour motivational session or a multi-year cognitive and leadership coaching partnership, AEC is a trusted resource for equipping and empowering 21st Century game changers!


"Julie's trainings did more than just help me understand the importance of literacy instruction in my content area classes; they gave me practical tools for implementing new critical thinking and comprehension strategies that directly led to higher student achievement."
- Bill Webb, High School Science Teacher


"My teaching world has drastically changed since attending Julie Adams' Content Literacy Boot Camp! The methods have been easy to implement and manage within my mixed-ability classroom and the dramatic increase in the quality of student work has been the true gauge of effectiveness for me.  As a result of her strategies, my students are more engaged, higher-skilled, and better critical thinkers.  I have been fortunate enough to work one on one with Julie many times and am truly grateful for her expertise, humor and willingness to help me improve as a teacher. My students and I thank her!"
- Colleen Poynter, Middle School History/English Teacher


"What I learned from Julie's outstanding trainings has greatly impacted my teaching as I am now fully prepared to teach 21st Century critical thinking and content area comprehension. I most appreciated that Julie modeled the content literacy strategies for struggling students, ELLs and the Gifted. She also demonstrated how to use the same strategies across the content areas, extremely helpful for those of us who teach multiple content areas. Her humor and expertise are refreshing and her strategies are easy to implement; the result is increased student engagement, learning and retention. What teacher doesn't want those?" 
- Alfronso Sanchez, Jr., 5th Grade Teacher